I’m an experienced interior designer based in London, specialising in creative design solutions for private residential clients.

Having lived in Africa and India, my love of colour, pattern and unusual textiles echo strongly in all my work. And I’ve brought my distinctive perspective to numerous high-end residential projects since graduating from KLC School of Design over ten years ago.

From concept to execution, I deliver designs that are immaculately planned and highly personalised. My close relationships with architects, builders, carpenters and expert suppliers ensure every project is delivered on time and on budget – without ever compromising on quality.

I work in a way that suits you. Some clients like to be handed the keys on completion. Others prefer working closely with me at every step. For most it’s about finding a happy medium somewhere in between. Along the way, you’ll find me warm, friendly and passionate about designing a space that feels true to you, from the moment you step inside.



A home should be a genuine expression of who you are. So I tailor my approach to every project, according to the particular aesthetic and lifestyle needs of each client. To design a space that feels uniquely yours, my role is to kindle your creative impulses and use my expertise to interpret your imagination. So we can make your dreams real.

Just as good interior design should reflect who we are, it should also reflect how we live. It must work in harmony with the ebb and flow of our everyday. So I work hard to understand you and your family’s specific needs, offering practical as well as aesthetic solutions that enrich and enhance your lives.

Designing a home is a deeply personal process. It is also an exciting one! I see it as a journey that we walk together. Along the way, we explore space planning, colour, texture, pattern and scale to get to the heart of what’s right for your home. So I can deliver personal, thoughtful, emotive design, that stands the test of time. And brings you joy every day.



Educating myself to make the most ethical design choices is an ongoing process, but I always approach every project with these 5 principles in mind:

– Champion British-made pieces and local artisans
– Favour antiques over new furniture
– Partner with suppliers who have sustainable credentials
– Restore old pieces rather than replacing them
– Only use eco paints